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United Dance & Temptation – 1994

1994 was a big year for United Dance and Temptation, both the March and May events were a huge success and really placed the brand high in terms of expectation to deliver. This was by no means an easy task, especially in what was becoming a crowded market for promoter but somehow, each and every time this promotions company smashed it.

What I love most about this collection of 6 tapes is how each and every set demonstrates how fantastic the music was around the time period. Both DJs and MCs demonstrate a wide array of music and the likes of Dougal and Slipmatt blend effortlessly with Ellis D and Hype.

This was at a time where happy hardcore was still influenced by jungle and drum and bass was only emerging into a small amount of producers creations.

From memory, these two events only used the main arena at Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre so all styles were represented in the main arena, something only now in 2016 we are seeing a return of.

If you’re a producer of new jungle music or just an avid fan of everything 90’s then I’m sure these sets will provide a mass of inspiration. 1994 is a golden time in the UK underground back catalogue and one thing to take from these live sets is that most of them contain a bunch of unrinsed tracks.

I was still in Secondary School when I brought this tape pack and I can still to this day remember playing these sets on the bus. Certified classic!

DJs include:

Dougal, Ellis D, Grooverider, Hype, LTJ Bukem, Randall. Slipmatt and Swan-E.

MCs include:

Conrad, Cool & Deadly, Free & Easy, MC MC, Vocal.

Check the full playlist via the Section 23 Soundcloud page below.

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