Section 23 Sample Pack

Fancy making your own jungle or drum and bass tunes but don’t really know where to start? A good place is sometimes a sample pack as you can easily obtain most elements to put together the basics of a track. In some respects, it’s quite like building Lego only without the fear of stepping on a block and hurting yourself! Obviously music production can be as simple or as deep as you make it, however, the art of sampling and arrangement are key areas to focus on.

  • The Section 23 sample pack contains the following:
  • 8 bit video game sounds and effects
  • Metal Gear Solid and Street Fighter 2 tones, effects and vocals
  • Classic break beats from the jungle and hardcore era
  • Kung-fu movie vocals
  • Tons of lazers and other random effects
  • MC quotes and ragga vocals
  • Speak & Spell tones and vocals
  • Vinyl scratch effects

Download all of this via Mediafire here.

If you’re a user of NI Massive or Novation’s Bass Station VST then you will also find some handy patches.

Pretty soon you will be making your own 90’s style drum and bass, jungle or hardcore! Good luck.

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