Planet London Volume 1

As nice as the usual Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, One Nation tape packs are it’s nice to sometimes come across an obscure or lesser known collection of sets and that’s exactly what this pack from Planet London is. I think from memory I picked this one up via eBay a while ago and it’s since sat on a shelf waiting to be converted.

As far as the promoters go, I’ve only ever seen this tape pack so maybe they went under another name going forwards or just did the one event? Either way, if you’re in the know then please do get in touch!

Thankfully all of the tapes worked with no annoying high pitched stretched tape noise which is getting quite common these days with second hand packs.

The DJ Hype and Dr. S Gachet sets are especially good, as is the DJ Zinc and MC Rage offering. Micky Finn and Kenny Ken is as you would expect for most of it although it does go off into a bit of an experimental session at times.

Downloads are enabled so grab them when you can.

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