Legendary Artists

Kicking off a celebration of work with the one like Nicky Blackmarket. The Legendary Artist series takes you on a musical trip down memory lane alongside some words of wisdom from the DJs.

Back when production wasn’t so easy or affordable we all wanted to know where that sample came from or how the break was made, how we could recreate that bassline and take it to the next level. I think that’s where the connection was in jungle: everyone wanted it to be a movement for the people.

What’s the all-time biggest selling tune at Blackmarket Records?

“It has to be Deep Blue ‘Helicopter’. We originally ordered 1,000 units and they had all vanished within a week. It was like we couldn’t get enough from the pressing house, people were calling us, we were calling the pressing house, the distributors were calling us, it was madness”.

What’s the smallest venue you have been booked to play in?

“Believe it or not it was actually in a fan’s bedroom. He got all his mates over and recorded the session, I love doing things like that!”

What’s your strangest booking?

“Back in the mid 90’s I was booked to play at a private birthday party at the Natural History Museum in London. Coming back to the museum after previously visiting with my family was crazy, a few weeks ago a T-Rex was sitting where the DJ booth was!”

Interview extracts taken from Jamie’s article written for Drum&BassArena.

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