Too Greezey and Erbman

Nuke Records, a label I’ve not come across before, sent me a promo this week for their forthcoming release of ‘Rollers Rights’ and ‘Zubr’. Both track are full on hard stepping drum and bass aimed directly at the dancefloor.

‘Rollers Rights’ reminds me of a cross between mid 90’s DJ Red production and some bits that came out on the Joker Records offshoot Switch. It’s clever mix of hip hop vocal sampling and simple yet effective kick and snare combinations do the job ever so well and it’s once again proof that stripped back production works. I would have played this one on vinly in 1996 for sure!

‘Zubr’ which, for some reasons makes me think of ladies in a gym knocking out a Zumba class continues that upbeat flow with the addition of effected vocal samples and elasticated bass taking direct influence from a ton of late 2000 odd Mampi Swift tracks. One for the head nodders and bass bin shufflers

Both tracks are out 29th September via all the usual outlets no doubt.

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