Coda – Fat Cap / Krusty Dub

‘Fat Cap’ kicks off the latest release from Natty Dub Recordings with a multitude of vocal samples and atmospheric sirens. Strangely enough, it’s the haunting hi-hat that fits so well in the intro and just goes to prove that keeping things simple is sometimes best. Delving past the initial drop you will be pleased to notice that Coda hasn’t gone for the staple copy and paste 4 bars into another 4 bars. This means that if you’re a DJ, you can let the tune breathe for more than the first 16!

It’s a refreshing change and really does demonstrate that Coda has his finger well placed on the buttons.

What you will notice about ‘Fat Cap’ is that it borrows influences from both Dope Dragon and Collusion Records. True to it’s roots it delivers well and cements the link between mid 90’s drum and bass and what we see in 2016 as ‘the new 90’s’. Those scale climbing bass notes really do the job!

I’m struggling to place where this would fit in the abundance of genres that are kicking about today although to be honest, it’s going to appeal to most.

For further digging into the Collusion Records references above, check Jamie’s mix dedicated to the label below.

‘Krusty Dub’ initially reminds me of ‘Krusty’s Super Fun House’ on the Super Nintendo but in terms of similarity, that’s the only link here.

I’m seeing more and more drum and bass tracks feature elements of horror and suspense and ‘Krusty Dub’ is certainly one to fit into this category. Whilst it doesn’t really offer anything new or groundbreaking to the trend, it doesn’t offend and rolls out tough ended beats and what can really only be described as sticky bass notes with the odd vocal sample chucked in for good measure.

It would have been nice to see some diversity in this tune, it’s almost crying out for a switch in the bass pattern and while it’s good to hear some chopped up beats, it’s not quite enough for me.

Overall it’s a pretty solid release from Natty Dub although it did leave me thinking it could have been slightly more polished. ‘Fat Cap’ is certainly the standout tune for me so if you’re bagging anything from this release, I suggest you go for that.

Release date: 17th October 2016.

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