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DJ Jamie – All Prisoners of Technology

This is long overdue, a mix that I should have put together at the end of 1999 to celebrate the release of the Bass 99 EP but at the time, for some strange reason, I didn’t have a full back catalogue. Thankfully I do now and this mix will hopefully show those that have only heard ‘Trick of Technology’, that the collective that was Prisoners of Technology were a huge force to be reckoned with during the 90’s.

TMS 1 made a short but appreciated rebirth to the online scene some time ago, I remember speaking to him about the future of Prisoners of Technology and Fresh Kutt, I got the feeling at the time that the era had passed him by, perhaps a new chapter had already opened? Needless to say, his spirit and love for the scene was certainly apparent, although it was probably the love for the scene during its hey day that I am referring to.

What made tracks on this label special were the mixture of deep, sublow basslines combined with a heavy hip hop influence in terms of sample sources and cut up beats along with a desire to create dance floor monsters.

I hear all the time these days about people ‘skanking out’ although I don’t think they would appreciate this term until they heard ‘Intoxicate’ on a huge system alongside Bassman and Trigga.

This, in my opinion, is the definition of the term.

If this is a tune that’s passed you by it’s certainly worth tracking down.

My favourite track from the label is probably ‘The Flavour ‘98’. At the time of release I wasn’t too sure where drum & bass was going for me. It was around the time where I don’t think a lot of popular producers knew the answer either and this release was a defining moment in terms of saving a confused genre. Jump up soon became something new in ‘99, gone were certain factors that made it fun – this all kind of sorted itself out though after a short while.

*TMS 1, K Dub and DJ Magic were Prisoners of Technology until 1998. TMS1 then continued as a solo artist until 2004.


1) Prisoners of Technology – Total Control – Fresh Kutt 03 – 1997

2) Prisoners of Technology – Cold Blooded (Pay Up Mix) – Fresh Kutt 06 – 1998

3) Prisoners of Technology – FEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL (Bruce’s Bonus Mix) – Fresh Kutt 01 – 1997

4) Prionsers of Technology – Intoxicate (Intense Mix) – Fresh Kutt 10 – 1999

5) Prionsers of Technology – Push Da Button (Fresh Mix) – Fresh Kutt 02 – 1996

6) Prisoners of Technology – Tha Boggiee (Freaks Mix) – Fresh Kutt 05 – 1998

7) Prisoners of Technology – One-Two (World Cup ’98 Mix) – Fresh Kutt 07 – 1998

8) Prisoners of Technology – Mother Fu@’in Real (K Dub XXX Rated Mix) – Fresh Kutt 08 – 1998

9) Prisoners of Technology – Delikutt Beats (Remix) – Fresh Kutt 10 – 1999

10) Prisoners of Technology – The Trick Of Technology (Time To Work Mix) – Fresh Kutt 01 – 1997

11) Prisoners of Technology – Crazzzy (Re-hab Mix) – Fresh Kutt 06 – 1998

12) Prisoners of Technology – Battle Master (Life Story Mix) – Fresh Kutt 03 – 1997

13) Prisoners of Technology – Doomsday Boy (Kids Of Death Remix) – Fresh Kutt 09 – 1998

14) Prisoners of Technology – Deadly Technique – Battlemaster Records TMS007 – 2004

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