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175 Crew started 175 Records in 1997. Here’s a brief history of the owners, the output and the end result.

I originally assumed that 175 Crew came from America however it turns out the 2 members were in fact Alistair Ash and Noel Simmonds who also went under the guise of Nu Balance. The duo later went on to sign tracks to Trouble on Vinyl at the start of the millennium.

Here’s what’s included:

175 Crew Volume 1 – Make Your Ass Swing & Turn on the Heat Again
175 Crew Volume 2 – A & AA
175 Crew Volume 3 – A (Volume 1 Remix) & AA
175 Crew Volume 4 – A & AA
175 Crew – Mad Skillz & Feel the Heat
175 Crew – East Coast Killa & Terrordome

175 Crew should have put out more of this kind of style in my opinion; it was a combination of hip hop breaks, vocal samples and jump up basslines that made their style a winner. Admittedly the biggest track was Volume 1 from their own label which was a firm favourite by the likes of Kenny Ken and Nicky Blackmarket, I think even Hyper D had a soft spot for it.

Rewind to 1996 and I can image what ideas would have been going round the duo’s heads, it would an ideal time to set up a label like this and although the jump up market was busy, it certainly was splitting in direction by 1997 when the first release was sold commercially.

I’m not really sure why they didn’t put more tunes out on their self-titled label, the style of the production suited the era perfectly although 2 releases a year was a pretty poor show and with times changing dramatically in 1999 it was no surprise the label was canned. Looking back on this it would have been much more of a success if 175 Crew had followed in the direction of True Playaz who put out a whole heap of quality in both 1997 and 1998 using only a select number of producers. 175 Crew probably only needs 2 or 3 more producers to make the label more of success.

A remix of Volume 1 by Crystal Clear was later put out on Heavy Rotation in 2009 which received heavy criticism from the drum and bass community. This was probably a sign of the times though as many of the younger generation embraced the track, probably not having heard the original and seeing no relevance as to why people were moaning.

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